Buying a home is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. Wandering through the suburb you’d love to live in, checking out the coffee shops and neighbourhood shops that will soon become your “local”, and imagining what your life will be like when you move in is enough to have to daydreaming for hours on end.

Unfortunately for some, that’s exactly where that experience will end – as a daydream.

That’s because while hunting for your new property can be fun and exciting, it can also be stressful, expensive, time-consuming and exhausting.

This is where working with a buyer’s agent can transform your experience from stressful to stress-free. Here’s how:

Your buyer’s agent does all the running around

Trying to fit in inspections, phone calls back and forth with real estate agents and arranging building and pest inspections on top of your everyday life (job, kids, hobbies and family commitments) can see you burning the candle at both ends. A buyer’s agent can take care of all of this for you, recommending professionals along the way that may be able to help you, like pest inspectors, valuers and mortgage brokers.

Your buyer’s agent finds you a shortlist of properties that suit YOU

Reviewing the classifieds each week to find your “diamond in the rough” can be exhilarating – at first. But as each week passes and you see the same homes listed over and over, it can take a quick turn into tedious town. A good buyer’s agent will have a diverse network of contacts to help them find the exact type of property you’re looking for, including homes that may not have hit the open market yet. Three bedrooms? Backyard for the kids? Off street parking? Renovated kitchen? Whatever your wish list, it becomes your buyer’s agents mission to deliver the goods – even in a highly competitive market.

Your buyer’s agent saves you time

You’ve already saved time by handing over all the running around and property hunting to your buyer’s agent. But you’ll also save MORE time in the respect that your buyer’s agent will be laser focused on helping you achieve your goal of finding an ideal property – which could slash your property buying search down from months to weeks. Don’t be like every other buyer out there, dedicating endless weekends to open homes that never lead to a signed contract because the competition is so high. Instead, work with a buyer’s agent who can give you your weekends back, while they do the hard yards to find you the perfect home.

Your buyer’s agent negotiates the best possible deal

Buyer’s agents are skilled negotiators, which means they’re going to be able to help you get the best possible deal when buying a property. This doesn’t always mean they’ll save you money or guarantee that they’ll ensure you pay less than the asking price (although often, they do). What it does mean is that they’ll negotiate calmly, without emotion and backed up by facts and figures, with a goal of buying you the property at the right price and under the right terms and conditions. If you want a shorter or longer settlement, need some time to access your deposit or have other special circumstances at play, your buyer’s agent can skilfully minimise any shortcomings and put your best case forward, so you have the best chance of having your offer accepted.

These are just some of the benefits of working with a buyer’s agent, keeping in mind that if the property you’re buying is an investment, their fee is generally tax-deductible, too.

A great buyer’s agent can also provide expert guidance and advice along the way to help you make the most informed decisions, and they’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure the process of buying a home is as smooth and stress-free as possible. There’s plenty to gain and not much to lose, so consider contacting us for an obligation-free chat today.