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Are you selling your home?

You may be asking:

  • How do I find and engage the best-selling agent?
  • How do I compare and negotiate agency fees?
  • How should I sell my home? Off-market or on market? Auction or private treaty?

Our vendor advocacy service can help you with all these areas and more.

Your property is often your biggest asset, so you want to make sure that when it comes time to sell, you are in the most capable and accomplished hands. Finding the best-selling agent, putting your property on the market, and getting a good price are no small ordeals. As a seller you deserve to have someone looking out for you, providing independent advice, guidance, and support.


How we can help. 

    At Purple Avenue we have a comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing property market. We know how best to sell your property and will source, interview, evaluate and engage the right selling agent with the right fee structure to sell your home and achieve the result you want.

    Our aim is to enable a smooth selling process for vendors, with less stress and a better outcome – all at no cost to you.


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    Q & A

    What is a vendors advocate?

    A Vendor Advocate is your own highly experienced, unbiased real estate professional who can help to guide you through the home sale process or even act as your proxy in some situations. Vendor Advocacy provides trusted guidance and assistance on behalf of the vendor in relation to the entire selling process from beginning to end.

    How much does a vendor advocate cost?

    A Vendor Advocates fee is included in the overall Real-Estate Agents fee, there is no extra cost to the Vendor.

    What are the hidden fees when selling a property?

    There can be many hidden fees when selling a property, including marketing campaign fees, graded advertising schedules, auctioneer fees, advertising, and photography fees etc. Your vendor advocate will help you identify and avoid unnecessary fees, ensuring there are no surprises.

    How do Purple Avenue vendor advocates shortlist and select the best agent for my property?

    By understanding your goals, objectives, and expectations, we apply an assessment process that shortlists the most suitable agents based on a range of criteria, not simply recent sales in your area. Our comprehensive prospective real estate agent assessment process includes:

    • Recent and comparable sales
    • Real estate agent fee structures and terms
    • Type of sale options and marketing strategies
    • The quality of the agent’s qualified buyer database and whether they have buyers ready to buy

    All of which are assessed to provide a final recommendation on the best and most suitable real estate agent for the sale of your property.

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    Contact our team today to discuss your specific requirements and the different services we can provide to support your home buying journey.

    Purple Avenue is an innovative property Buyers Agency providing end-to-end representation for property buyers. We can save you time and money by assisting to source and secure your dream home or investment property. Our services include sourcing relevant on or off-market properties, acting on behalf of the buyer during the purchase process, and negotiating the best price and terms to secure your property.

    We make buying property an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


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