You have probably heard of all the talk of national housing values soaring in 2021 – by 22.1% to be exact. But do you know how exactly your suburb and property type performed?

You can find out a bunch of important property information about your suburb’s houses and apartments and those in surrounding suburbs by using’s PropTrack 2021 Suburb Report Card.

What can the Prop Track Interactive Tool Show You?

Data can be categorised by suburb and property type, with PropTrack data showing house prices grew by 26.8% nationally in 2021, which was much more than the 13.4% growth in unit prices.

Demand and competition is the biggest driver behind price growth, and a combination of the two is always present in an owner-occupied dense market. To add another element to your research, the PropTrack tool allows you to see the change in demand for a suburb and property type, and even how many “highly engaged buyers” there were in 2021.

Other important insights you can find out includes the “average estimated value”, the “average weekly rental value”, the “rental yield” and the “median days on the market.” These are all basic metrics that should, along with many other data sets, form the basis for your investment analysis of a location and a particular property.

How does your Suburb Compare to Your State’s Best Suburbs?

By using the tool, you can immediately see how your suburb compares to its immediate neighbouring suburbs, but if you also want to see how your suburb stacked up against your state’s best, you can do this too!

Click the > button at the bottom or top of each linked page to scroll between the national and state tables.

Are you Planning on Making your Move in 2022? 

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