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It’s not easy purchasing a property when you live in another country.

You have so many challenges to face, like not being able to inspect the property, having poor or no knowledge of current market conditions, not to mention the difficulties different time zones present.

But if you wait to purchase a property upon your return to Australia, you are likely to be priced out of the market, the market is rising at a very fast pace.

We help our clients to re-locate with confidence by finding the right property to match your wish-list, negotiating the best price, organising your team of professionals needed i.e. pest and building reports, strata reports, conveyancers and more.

If you are re-locating to Australia you face some very real, serious and potentially costly, challenges. Are the property descriptions and photos accurate? Who can tell you if it is located in the right area? Is this a fair price? And of course, is it a good investment?

This is where we come in…

We will manage your property purchase from start to finish:

  • Understanding your property needs then searching and assessing the best properties to match your requirements.
  • Using Facetime and Zoom for guided property tours. As well as proving extra photos and videos as sometimes online property sales photos are different to the real thing.
  • Utilising our extensive selling agent connections and off-market listings.
  • Preparing reports, to keep you fully informed and completely at ease, including your local friends or family if required.
  • Fully coordinating the property purchase and organizing signatories, solicitors and contracts.
  • Facilitating pre-settlement inspection and settlement procedures.
  • Recommending professionals such as Lawyers, Strata Inspectors, Pest/Building Inspectors, Trades People and Property Management.


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      Purple Avenue is an innovative property Buyers Agency providing end-to-end representation for property buyers. We can save you time and money by assisting to source and secure your dream home or investment property. Our services include sourcing relevant on or off-market properties, acting on behalf of the buyer during the purchase process, and negotiating the best price and terms to secure your property.

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