A vendor advocate is a new role in the property industry, and works exclusively for the seller, providing them with professional, independent support and unbiased advice through the journey of selling property. They only deal with the seller, so there is never any conflict of interest, as they do not deal with the buyers. This service also protects sellers from any pressure tactics that may be applied by real estate agents.

A vendor advocate offers value-added services such as:

  • Reviewing the appraisal’s provided by each agent and giving feedback.
  • Providing advice and recommendations to shortlist and select from the best real estate agents in the area.
  • Representing the vendor in discussions with Real Estate Agents regarding fees and service inclusions.
  • Providing recommendations on the best method of sale – off-market or on market? Auction or private treaty?
  • Providing advice on strategy and marketing campaigns to sell the property.
  • Screening buyers’ offers presented to the seller through the appointed real estate agent.

The vendor advocate will help a seller through every aspect of selling their property from choosing the real estate agent through to the sales process. They also act as a buffer between the seller and the real estate agent, to ensure that there is more control of the selling process.

This is changing the way people sell their properties. Using a vendor advocate helps a seller to be more informed about the sales process, make better decisions, and achieve a better outcome. There is no added cost as a vendor advocate takes a percentage of the commission from the real estate agent that is selling the property.

It is believed that using a vendor advocate will become more important in the future for people who are looking to downsize, people who are time-poor, anyone dealing with a deceased estate and anyone who has a lack of experience in dealing with real estate agents.

The use of a vendor advocate is an important service for sellers who want better confidence and clarity in the process of selling their homes. The service will be important to those vendors who are time-poor, inexperienced dealing with agents, want to sell in a highly active market or where there are multiple beneficiaries involved in the selling process such as a deceased estate.

Selling a property is time-consuming and a highly emotional process but using the skills and knowledge of a vendor advocate can help to navigate the ins and out of selling. If you are ready to sell your property, book a free 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you sell the property.

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